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Jon Hancock, Author
Latest News! 8-19-2011.
New JonHancockBooks website launched. I need to add website building to my resume!


Sudden Eclipse
Star Dynasty Saga
Episode One
Deepening Twilight
Star Dynasty Saga
Episode Two
Deception's Tempest
Star Dynasty Saga
Episode Four
Winds of Change
Star Dynasty Saga
Episdode Five
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Avenging Storm
Star Dynasty Saga
Episode Three
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Foundation Series
JonHancockBooks launches Winds of Change, Star Dynasty Saga Ep. 5 
Nathan slashes into the saga as a young man on his own, we see what kind of person he's become and how Truelove, Madison, Miya, and Tiara have influenced his life. Nathan must battle his way back to his friends against incredible odds as the saga turns another corner to greater adventures.



To see more about Winds of Change click here. 
Foundation Series
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Artist's concept of exoplanet orbiting Fomalhaut
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After finishing Deepening Twilight, I re-edited all the books for content and style continuity. My books were originally written for publishers word count limitations. So, I tried to stay under 100,000 words.

Well, I figured it mught be a while before I got a real publisher to look at my stories, so I tossed off the shackles and let the words flow. I still wanted to keep the story tight, but added colorful descriptions to give them a sense of reality. To that extent, the readers get a real bonus with Deception's Tempest, which weighs in at over 133,000 words!

I always look for the thickest books at the book store. If you're an avid reader, you know what I mean. I discovered ebook readers expect a little more, so I'm responding.

Where great minds discover great stories! Where did it start?


I realized my dream of writing a book in 2009 with Sudden Eclipse. I enjoy science fiction and wanted to write my own story. As my plan for the book unfolded, I envisioned a complete series and the Star Dynasty Saga was born. Now there are five books in the series with three more under development.

As my writing skill improved, I realized that I'd pumped too much action into Sudden Eclipse and not enough detail. So I edited it into two books with the addition of Deepening Twilight. The first book focuses on the Regent's plan and Truelove's escape from the Draconians, while the second book hones in on Truelove's voyage on the old Dove. Meanwhile I had finished my rough draft of Avenging Storm and performed my umpteenth edit of Decpetion's Tempest while wiriting Origin.

I started Origin as a project for the Christian Writer's Guild's (CWG), Operation First Book. Although it didn't merit their interest, I felt the story was good, and all of my test readers loved it.