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Foundation Series

Foundation Series: What is it about?
Foundation Series
Five thousand years ago, a master hunter stalked the most fearsome beast known to man, the dreaded Leviathan. The world renowned archeologist, Dr. Judith Walker, discovers the fossil of the beast, but the indisputable evidence that disagrees with today's scientific consensus calls her faith in the Theory of Evolution into question.
     When news of the fantastic find spreads through the scientific community, Dr. Walker, and her team are thrust into a web of intrigue exposing a global conspiracy to hide evidence of the Earth's true origin. Dr. Walker faces threats on her life, terrorist attacks, and the loss of her professional reputation as she and her team discover earth-shaking evidence sure to impact the popular opinion surrounding the origin of mankind.
An ancient evil seeks to destroy Dr. Walker and her work. Can she survive to tell her story?
99,945 words, approximately 400 pages
When I read Genesis, I envision the rich stories that are hidden like gems within its pages. I want to introduce my readers to the real people with their real problems and practical applications from those stories. I think Christians should understand God's Word, and see how it relates to our daily walk. I want to make the ancient stories come alive for my readers as it has for me.
Coming Soon
In The Beginning
A dramatized biblical account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1 through 3). You will witness the creation of the universe, how mankind lived in paradise, the Fall of Satan, and the Fall of Man
I wrote Origin because Creation and the Genesis account captivates my imagination. When I visit Christian books stores, I find very little action-adventure fiction. So I wrote the Christian fiction, action-adventure, Origin.

But Origin is not just for Christians. It's a great story that will entertain and intrigue any reader.

Origin is the anchor for the new Foundation Series where I plan more adventures for Dr. Walker and the team of the Foundation.
Origin: Jon's Top Selling Book
Next up in the Foundation Series:

The Flood
Dr. Walker follows the evidence of the most powerful storm in the history of mankind, a global flood that changed the face of the earth. In the course of her investigation, Dr. Walker discovers one of the most sought after artifacts in the last hundred years. gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the cover photos from the Hubble telescope.
the Mars Rover