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Some may ask why advertise, or why am I sponsoring Kindles and products on my website? Beyond my dreams of avarice, I see e-readers as the books of tomorrow. I realize the established publishing world view e-readers as a competitor, but that perspective is a fatal flaw. In an age of rapidly evolving communications, e-readers and pads are simply the next step in the process. Not that I don't like books. I enjoy them and have owned many. But the tipping point comes when school systems embrace using the e-reader to contain a student's entire curiculum in one small, easy-to-carry package.

We've all seen our children and teens lugging huge tote bags filled with books back and forth to school and college. How many of us have been slammed with a heavy bag on the school bus as a fellow student staggers down the teetering narrow aisle. I see that experience rapidly disappearing into the past with the advent of products like Kindle.

I must also express my deep appreciation to for allowing me to publish my books when its almost impossible to get the publishing industry to consider them. Without Amazon, you wouldn't be reading this. Book publishers want to sell books from authors that provide sales. Outside of my name, the only way I can build a following is through having my books for sale and using the electronic media. So, I've embraced the process in hopes that my books would go viral. . . Well, that didn't happen. . .yet.

That's where you come in. Please recommend my books to your friends (and enemies, too - I'm not picky). Spread the word to your clubs, groups, and churches. Be sure to write a good review. All of my books contain real-life situations, loosely founded in historical contexts, in which good and evil struggle for dominance. I hope they are entertaining. But, more importantly, I hope you find them thought-provoking and imaginative.

Writing is difficult. I've worked in at least five professional different fields. Writing is by far the most mentally challenging (for me anyway). I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them.

Best Wishes,
Jon Hancock
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Jon Hancock lives with his wife in Columbus, Ohio. He enjoys reading. He uses his knowledge of life and engineering to bring a fresh and practical perspective in his action-adventure stories. reserves the right to select and publish reviews. I may not reply to every e-mail., Kindle, and related copyrighted and/or trademarked products are used by permission.
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